January 2021 Newsletter – Issue 4

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the fourth edition of our newsletter, where we would like to keep you up-to-date with the latest news, events and activities happening here at Lymehurst.

What’s been happening at Lymehurst? 

We may have needed to close the doors to our usual entertainment, but we have still been busy celebrating some big events here at Lymehurst. Anna, our activities coordinator, always plans lots of fun and interesting activities for all of the residents to take part in, if they so wish. Ranging from baking, indoor gardening, crafting, card games and quizzes; there really is something for everyone to join in with.

We had great fun during Halloween, where our Home was decorated brilliantly and the residents joined in with pumpkin carving. We were all treated to a fabulous firework show on the fifth of November, which was absolutely spectacular.

More recently we have celebrated Christmas, in all its glory! Our chefs cooked up a delicious Christmas dinner and our staff put together its first choir to sing some festive carols at the Christmas party! We really did have a fabulous time.

What’s new?

We loved being able to welcome visitors back for a short time in December. Unfortunately, due to the current lockdown, we are only permitting visitors into the home under exceptional circumstances, such as end of life. We know that many of you like to pop up and say hello through the window, and this is still absolutely fine to do.

The CARE brand badge

All of our staff now proudly wear the green ‘CARE’ brand badge. This special badge is worn by all adults who work within the social care sector and provides a unified means of identifying these key workers. We are also wearing ‘face badges’ to help residents recognise us when we are wearing masks.

Testing & Vaccinations for Covid-19

As a staff, we are undertaking testing three times weekly; residents will continue to undergo monthly tests. We are currently awaiting news on the roll-out of the vaccine.

Food Menus 

We have been adding to our gorgeous dining room and the dining experience that we offer to our lovely residents by producing and displaying picture menus which can be enjoyed by all. We are also busy making smaller menus which are text only and will be kept on the tables, similar to when visiting a café or restaurant.

A huge thank you!

For your kind Christmas wishes, cards and gifts. We appreciate your generosity hugely and thoroughly enjoy the extra treats! From us to you — thank you.

What’s in store for 2021?

We are always looking for ways to improve Lymehurst.

We have plans to replace the flooring that runs along the hallway to the side door (which was being used by visitors)

We have new uniform arriving for all of our Care Workers and our maintenance team

We will continue to facilitate a variety of communication tools, as keeping in touch is more important now than ever; please get in touch to set up a Facetime call, a ‘zoom’ meeting or photo sharing via Relatives Gateway . Follow us on Facebook (page info. below) for our current news.