Double Centenary Celebrations for best friends at Lymehurst!

The first 100th birthday we celebrated was in July of 2020, for our wonderful Hilda. Hilda was once a Military Policewoman and has been awarded the Legion of Honour medal from the French after serving in the second wave of D-Day.  She was serenaded by her nephew through the window who played the bugle for her and presented with a delicious 100th birthday cake, baked by our very talented Head Chef. Hilda received the all-important card from The Queen, as well as flowers and gifts sent in from her family. A lovely day was had by all.

 Our second 100th birthday celebration will be on Tuesday 24th November, this time for our lovely Elsie. Elsie trained as a nurse cadet at the Royal Salop Infirmary (now the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital) before completing her full nurses training in Nottingham. She then went on to work with spinal injury patients, before becoming a Matron. We have a lovely day planned for Elsie, including a fabulous cake, party, singing, decorations and gifts. We will be sending photos of Elsie on her birthday to her family, so they can share in her special day too. 

What makes these birthdays even more special at Lymehurst, is the fact that Hilda and Elsie are the VERY best of friends here. They spend every afternoon together, chatting away happily together. They really are so very special to us, and to each other. 

We are so proud, and thankful for our wonderful team and for all of our very special residents.