Birthday celebrations

Our staff, as ever, have been and continue to be amazing throughout this pandemic.

It has been such a difficult time for our residents, not being able to see their loved ones, chat as normal, hold their hand or have a hug from them. But our staff have really stepped up and pulled together, as the family home that we are. They have been there, day and night, through the tears and the smiles. They have been there to celebrate the special occasions, when family members can’t. 

We have celebrated a 100th birthday here at Lymehurst, since having to close our doors. Our wonderful Hilda, 100 years young! She was serenaded by her nephew through the window who played the bugle for her (Hilda was once a Military Policewoman and has been awarded the Legion of Honour medal from the French) She was presented with a delicious 100th birthday cake, baked by our very talented Head Chef, Alan, and received the all-important card from The Queen. A lovely day was had by all.

We have also celebrated more resident’s birthdays during ‘lockdown’ and we have been so impressed by our activities co-ordinator for organising a party for every one of them! She has decorated the home each time, prepared a card from all of the residents and gets everyone together to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ whilst one of our chefs presents their homemade birthday cake. It really is so special and touching to see everyone work so hard to make these special occasions feel special, in these uncertain times. 

We are so proud, and thankful for our wonderful team.